Monday, August 10, 2009

Climbing the Monkey Bars of Life

My life has been one of those rollercoaster rides, with lots of ups and downs and sideways and waiting in line, and being not so sure whether I really wanted to get on this ride in the first place and whose brilliant idea was this anyway???


Lately I feel so much more on top of things, even if I don't get things done all the time. There is such a strong, positive, forwards and upwards motion, that I can't help but squeal with joy about my current life status. I am still not perfect (I don't think I will ever be ^^) but I am feeling way more grounded than I did even half a year ago.


Some people keep throwing things at me, and I just laugh and watch them fall harmlessly to the ground. I redirect energy, both others energy and my own. I take care of myself and my kids and somehow everything else falls into place.

Today I got my new driver's license, with my beautiful new name. I cooked stuffed summer squash. I found my kitchen table (I kind of didn't really believe we even HAD one, figuring it was one of those urban myths). I had my kids clean up our television room which looks awesome now. (Erik came home and went 'Wow mom! Did you guys built a new room onto the house?') Today I received my very first post-divorce money earned. Yes, it was a tiny amount but it is symbolic of rebuilding my life.


Yesterday I spent with close friends in Vermont and had a wonderful time and got all re-energized. Tomorrow I will get many more things done and take new baby steps towards selling this house.

I am climbing up and up and enjoying every step and every view and every moment.
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Wendy said...

This post made me smile really, really big!

Annalise said...

So good to read this :) And I love the pictures too.

Amy said...

So happy to read this upbeat post with so many pieces of good news!

Mongoose said...

Good for you. :)