Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Did I ever mention how I love having kids old enough to do independent baking and cooking?


Lately Jane has been baking cookies and everyone has been enjoying them.


The cookie cutter part is almost more fun than the eating part of this project, although no one has complained about the eating either.


Sometimes I mourn the speed at which my kids grow up. I blink and they are a year older. But there is also so much enjoyment in watching them master critical living skills like baking cookies and the pride in me that I clearly must be a super parent since my kids can bake cookies. Yeah, ok, I don't believe that either ^^ But for a moment it was fun to pretend.
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Kasaka said...

I so get that sentiment! Even our kids were talking about how they can't believe one will be 18 and the other 20 next year. It's even going fast for them, LOL! That said, I'm looking forward to getting fajita's cooked by Katja tomorrow night!

Lisa said...

I've been feeling that way. I miss them all being little but they are such interesting people now. As for the cooking, it does too make us exceptional moms. I'm sure of it ;-)