Monday, August 10, 2009


The last few years have been a tad stressful and one of the things I dropped was most of my cooking beyond very boring basic stuff. I didn't really experiment much and didn't try many new recipes, and just was in a kind of cooking funk.


Well, somehow that seems to be over now! I looked at my Moosewood cookbook and couldn't decide what I wanted to make. So I handed it over to Dawn and said 'Here, you choose what we eat tonight.' She chose marinated caulifower and macaroni. That turned out quite well.


I also have made spicy baked beans with molasses, and parsley mint chutney, and hope to make a Mediterranean lemon soup later this week. Samosas are on the program too. I never realized Moosewood had a samosas recipe!


It feels so good to be cooking again. On Friday I had company over and I could offer her a taste of our baked beans before we went shopping with the kids.


And all this good food? We eat it at our perfect new (ok new to us ^^) dining room table and enjoy so much food and chatting time around it.

But no, most of my kid still won't eat vegetables. Especially not GREEN ones!
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