Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Lazy Days of Summer

I freely admit that I greatly prefer summer over winter.


Going to the playground whenever we want.


Spending hours and hours just reading.


Hoping for our wishes to come true.


We will have to put our house up for sale soon, wish me luck on getting it sold fast. Heck, wish me luck in getting it cleaned up enough to dare to SHOW it to interested buyers.

This week has not been as lazy as I want it to be, I even would call it a whirlwind of activities. In between all the craziness I am getting lots of stuff done, just not yet the house cleaning. Next week we'll get our homeschool evaluations for the year out of the way, and catch up on other stuff.
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Lisa said...

Good luck with the house. I love the one of the reading. My teens do this if I force them to go somewhere like the park or a siblings ball game.

Mongoose said...

Many house-selling vibes!