Monday, August 31, 2009

The Most Important Meal of the Day: Dessert!

We have been playing around with dessert and found all kinds of interesting recipes. This one involved Nutella and puff pastry and was both easy and good. I saw the pictures and wanted to try it. She is better at shaping them than I am, I guess I need to practice more.


On Sunday, Kate chose dessert and her choice was fortune cookies. Hmmmmmm, that was something I always had wanted to bake, but never gotten around to. Time to fix that! I set the kids to work to write fortunes while I figured out the recipe. The recipe was pretty simple.


I never got them perfectly round though, and we weren't particularly good at shaping them, but I am happy we got to eat our very own fortune cookies. I used the recipe from The Family Baker.


Tonight I made brownies from the Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet book. I would like to show pictures, but I was too busy inhaling those, so you are out of luck on the picture front.


Instead sharing another picture of the fortune cookies, showing how much Kate is looking forward to eating those cookies. Or maybe she just was being silly. Anyway, we have brownies leftover to take to school on Wednesday.
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Lisa said...

Try nutella in crepes. I pass it off as breakfast often.