Friday, November 30, 2007

Yet Another Cache Not Found

Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea to go find a cache which looked very easy. Would be nice for everyone to get some exercise and fresh air.

There was only one pile of snow, so of course, people had to fill their boots with snow to get nice cold feet...

It was not a very long hike, and we soon arrived at the cache location. But yet again, the giant squid had attacked the cache and eaten it, since we could not find it. It can't be because we are lousy cachers, we just KNOW it was that darned giant squid which keeps eating caches around here.

We kept telling Sylvia to stay away from the edge, but the wind kept blowing her towards it. It must have been very local wind, since we couldn't feel it where we were walking...

After not finding the cache, we stopped at the visitors center.

They had the best sign ever.

The kids were begging me to leave them behind, but I didn't think I could handle five puppies on top of the seven kids, three kittens, two bunnies, one mouse, and three rats.

So we went home without finding a cache AND without puppies. But we did eat chocolate to console ourselves, so life was good anyway.

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