Saturday, November 03, 2007


Fall in New England always includes milkweed. It is a wonderful plant, the seeds are so much fun to let go, and see them fly away.

Last week, we went geocaching and found some milkweed. Of course, every one had to play with the seeds.

But then, how can you resist something so beautiful?

It is utterly fascinating to watch the seeds being blown away by the wind.

Milkweed plants are used by monarch butterflies to lay their eggs, and as food for their caterpillars. So whenever I see a milkweed plants, I always think of the breath taking monarch butterfly.

Sylvia was studying the seed pods. We took a few home to plant in our yard and maybe try to plant some this winter, indoors. Would be a good reminder of summer.

I took so many pictures, which greatly annoyed my teenager. Did I mention how I love milkweed?

And the best thing? All those seeds will ensure that there are many new milkweed plants to look forward to, for next year.


Annelies said...

Pubers houden niet van moeders met camera's.. dat was mij ook al opgevallen :-(

Keppy said...

The pods are fun to take home and paint and make into XMas ornaments, too! Easy and FREE!!