Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Geocaching in Pictures

Because the day was too full to write much, sharing some of last week's geocaching pictures.

The kids helped me find a cache which was unfindable when I went there by myself, a week earlier. The kids obviously are much better at geocaching than I am.

Before we went caching, some climbing on those mounds had to be done though. I mean, how could you resist getting to the top of those?

Time to find the cache.

The trail was just a bit wet at places.

But we they found the cache.

Many interesting things to check out.

We planted a flag to celebrate our victory over this cache.

Geocaching gets us to so many fun places, I love it. This was within fifteen minutes drive of our home, it's amazing the places you can visit practically in your own backyard. I never knew about this trail system till someone planted a cache there.

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Epijunky said...

I really need to get a GPS... My seven year old would LOVE this stuff.

Your kids are beautiful :)