Wednesday, November 07, 2007


All good things come in threes.

On Sunday, we found three caches.
We also had three DNFs (Did Not Finds).
Took three ddks with us.
And three sdks.
This all to pick up two kittens.

I am sure you can feel already where this story is heading. I wasn't as smart as y'all are though, and I was still very determined to come home with two kittens. I am blonde, you know. We had visited Cees at McDonalds to tell him we were going to pick up two kittens. So the universe was all geared towards us getting two kittens.

Well, we arrived at ground zero. Where the person had three kittens with her. And who in his right mind would be able to say no to a third cute kitten? Who would be able to be so cruel as to leave one behind, all by himself? And don't bother answering that question.

I might, or I might not have said 'Let's take all three.'

I am still trying to figure out how that happened. And who I can blame. And I am questioning my sanity. But that's not a new thing. It was the day before Cees's birthday. That's a good excuse, no?

But the kittens have been and are just perfect! Three is one per bedroom. They snuggle in quite nicely. Well, that is , the one who likes to sleep under the blankets. The others spent most of the night pouncing on ANYTHING that moves under the blanket. Which has convinced my hubby that he needs to adjust his sleeping position. But let's not go into that.

So yes, we welcomed three kittens to our family. And they fit right into our chaos. We even survived The Naming Debates (where I had veto power on proposals like 'Penis, Dick, and Testicle'. After much debating, they were named Socks, Tiger, and Darkness, which seem perfectly fine cat names and frankly were a lot better than some of the names they came up with. Although Red, White, and Blue would have been amusing, but I was afraid people would think it was the American flag, not the Dutch one.

I have (at last count) 3,333 cute kitten pictures on my hard disk now, the kids have been going just a tiny bit overboard with the overwhelming cuteness.

* ddk = double digit kid, sdk = single digit kid


Annelies said...

They are adorable!!!

Wendy said...

That post is hilarious! They are so cute, though I predict an end to the "look at the cute mouse" pictures we've seen from you in the past!

Alice said...

made me laugh too - and ROTFLOL on the sleeping position and pouncing !! ;)

Anonymous said...

okay, now I have to introduce you to where you will have to upload the picture of Darkness pouncing with the caption of:
I Haz Invisible Danz Partnr