Monday, November 05, 2007

Picture of the Day

I hope some one else can come up with a good caption for this one. I couldn't.


Anonymous said...

Bloody American Sport hunters

Anonymous said...

Oh dear/deer

NannyOgg said...

FlameBlade: oh dear...
FlameBlade: redneck hunting?
FlameBlade: weirdest thing is, that ATV has maine plate...
FlameBlade: while truck has vermont plate
NannyOgg: i had to really speed up to make this pic too
NannyOgg: i now know that my van goes 85 mph quite easily
FlameBlade: haha
NannyOgg: but i just couldn't let blog fodder like this escape!
vices: :)
vices: excellent
vices: most excellent
Meepy: how about, "Santa needs more help this year"
NannyOgg: haha, i like that one
NannyOgg: someone on my blog suggested Bloody American Sport hunters
Meepy: how about, "Tailgate Down Means Aerodynamic!"
NannyOgg: sure ^^

Shel said...

We see things like this all the time down here, and the things fall out onto the road. Very dangerous. I've seen things fall out of open trucks like couches, wheelbarrows, lawnmovers, all kinds of weird things. The wheelbarrow fell out in the middle of I-95 where people drive 70+ mph. Scary! I guess their brains fell out too?

Keppy said...

LOL That seems like an everyday thing around these parts!! Then again I am from a tiny little redneck town in Indiana hahah!