Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitten Wars

Tonight, watch yet another exciting episode of Kitten Wars!
Three bed rooms, three kittens, so which one will sleep where?

In the beginning, there was a very strict schedule. But life happened and things got messed up, so we often are witnessing episodes like

Kate 'WE have Darkness tonight!'
Tara 'NO! It is your turn for Tiger!'
Kate 'NOT! We had Tiger last night, we should get Darkness!'
Tara 'You are too stupid to know which kitten you had.'
Kate 'You are stupid yourself and it is OUR turn for Darkness!'
Tara 'Is not!'
Kate 'Is too!'
Tara 'Not!'
Kate 'Too!'

This is only a few minutes of a conversation which can go on for twenty to thirty minutes, all variations on the same theme.

This is where Cees steps in, and tries to mediate and solve the issue and eventually asks for my help. As the tyrant of the household, I first tell them to figure it out for themselves, but eventually pass my judgement. Maybe now they can go to sleep. I can hope, right?


suburbancorrespondent said...

Kids will fight over anything, won't they? Mine used to fight over who would get to "use" the Swiffer next; so I bought a second one. And they still fought over who got which one.

veganbaby said...

So who got Darkness?

Jody said...

They are so cute I want to gobble them up!

My kids are begging for a cat. I guess the 2 salamanders, the newt, the leopard gecko, the box turtle, the fish and the dog are not cutting the mustard. We miss our kitty.

Shel said...

I think I need to get a few more cats (so my kids can fight over them). We only have 1 cat and 6 kids...maybe if we have 3 cats we could split them up 1 cat to each kids' room? Nah, after reading your post it doesn't look like more cats will solve the problem. LOL! The kittens are so cute, I can see why everyone's fighting over them;-)