Friday, November 09, 2007

Kitten Story told in Geocaching Logs

My friend flyingfisher wrote:

The first question was, "Do you want to go geocaching?"

When don't I??!!

The second was, "And go with us to pick up some kittens?"

Well, of course!

So NannyOgg was driving this honkin' 15 passenger van south on I-91 and then suddenly the van shot forward so fast I thought someone was trying to rear-end us, or did they have a shot gun pointed out the window? Oh, she was after a pick-up truck with a deer lashed to a 4-wheeler in truck bed. Ahem. I don't think it was because she wanted me to try out her new camera, but I tried out the new camera. She was after "blog fodder."

Wow. Some camera. In the photo it looks like all the vehicles are standing still, parked on the highway, not going 80 + MPH. I'll let her decide if she's going to post the photo.

And then as is her custom (now that she has a GPSr with mapping software and auto routing, that is), she kept saying, "We just passed a cache over there."

But wouldn't you know it the GPSr was caught in one of those endless loops to no where. Sure, don't get off at Exit 3, no get off at Exit 2 and get back on gong North and get off at --- Exit 3 ????? Where exactly was that cache.

So happily once we were off the highway we found this one. At least NannyOgg did while most of us were looking elsewhere. But she was nice enough to leave it in place so we could discover it one by one. And then we debated the pros and cons of hunting for caches rated "5" for difficulty with a 14 yo, a 11 yo, a 10 yo, an 8 yo. a 6 yo and a 3 y o. So we didn't head up the hill in the park.

Instead we went here. Funny thing was on the way down not knowing if we'd even look for that cache, I'd figured out the clue from the sign language I'd learned over 30 yrs ago!

We looked for, and did not find some kind of test tube, and made a quick visit to the Austine School for the Deaf, followed by a hike in the dark up to a cool tower. Did I mention it was getting dark? That has never happened to us before! The lack of light caused us not to find the cache, it is NOT because we are lousy geocachers. I repeat, it is not! Not even when we managed to not find another cache at the bottom of that hill. I am sure that cache must have been muggled just before we were there. That's my story and I'll stick to it!

By now we were feeling silly and in an excellent mood because of getting closer to our kittens. My DNF log story was:

Well, it was dark.
And we were running out of time.
It can't be because we are lousy geocachers.

But we sure couldn't find it!

We will be back!

NannyOgg, out caching with six Oggettes and one flyingfisher

flyingfisher was even sillier than I was (I know, hard to believe), but it is proven by her log:

Well, it was dark. (And my flashlight had hopped out of my pocket somewhere up the trail on the way to the tower.)

And we were running out of time. (To go meet the person with the kittens.)

It can't be because we are lousy geocachers. (We are not and never will be lousy geocachers.)

But we sure couldn't find it!
(We sure couldn't find it. In the dark. With coordinates switching back and forth an back and forth. ;-) )

We will be back!

(We will? When are we going for more kittens??)

Thanks for the cache. Maybe We'll find it some other day. Just enough time left to drive to Winchester and then, really find one more cache! In the dark.

NannyOgg, out caching with six Oggettes and one flyingfisher

Oops, that is,

flyingfisher out with the maniac van driver NanyyOgg and a few of her kids. Follow the links back to see the maniac part.

We went and got our two three kittens. And decided to try one more cache.

It was late.
It was dark.
We had found only 2 caches so far.
We had gotten 3 DNFs already.
So we needed a cache to redeem ourselves.

This was it!

I started out looking at the right place, but the cache must not have been there at that time, because I didn't see it. We spent quite some time looking in this wrong place and at that wrong place and found many other wrong places. It's amazing how many wrong places can just pop up when you dont' need them. Flyingfisher was smart enough to get back to the right place, where she found the cache where it hadn't been before. Caches can be funny like that.

NannyOgg, out caching with six Oggettes, three kittens, and one flyingfisher

We took our kittens home and life was good.

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Vicky said...

Funny story and I love your DNF excuse. :}