Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Morning!

So far, I have filled a dishwasher, emptied dryer, filled it again with wet laundry, started another load of laundry, taken care of a bunch of pets, and done many other small things around the house. The rest of my family, apart from Tara, slept through it all. Will have to get them up soon, but I have to admit that I was enjoying the quiet in the house.

Today, the cleaners will be here, looking forward to a clean house again. Our new system had the kids pick up on Thursday, before the cleaners are here on Friday, and that's working out very well. Now I have a clean house one afternoon of the week. Ok ok, maybe not a whole house clean, but you can actually see the floors! And eat off the kitchen floor. Wait, we can do that anyway, it usually has more than enough food :p


Jody said...

Aww. your kitties are so sweet. I bet the kids just love them.

We miss our kitty.

Wendy said...

Now you need a dog to take are of the food on the floor...