Friday, August 24, 2007


OK, someone please explain to me, why plumbing problems ALWAYS happen on Friday afternoon, instead of on Monday morning.

The kitchen faucet has stopped working... This has happened before, and I was going to get a plumber in before it happened again. Yes, I know, I was supposed to. But life happened, and more life happened, and then there was life. And since the faucet was working, it didn't seem urgent.

Now it did stop working and it IS urgent, and I will have to give up my firstborn to get a plumber to even contemplate fitting us in before 2009. One of the upstairs bath rooms has a non-draining sink, but that was a bath room I didn't really use anyway, so it was easy to ignore. Will have plumber look at that one too, I guess. That is, if I can get one to our house within the next decennium.

On a better note, my cleaning person spent an hour at my house and many things are way cleaner than they were this morning. I love them!

On an annoyed note, it is hot and humid, 29 C (84 F) and 67 % humidity. And will be even warmer tomorrow. A bit too much for me, as a New England gal.

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aka_Meritt said...

LOL... it was about 84 yesterday here too and I was so excited! It was 'cooler' than it has been all summer. :)

(I'm in the upper midwest where our humidity level is such that you ROLL your underwear on instead of pulling it up... hee hee).

Fall is coming - hold tight!