Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kitchen Faucet Update

Hubby didn't agree with calling a plumber, he said it was very easy to replace this by himself. OK... He got the faucet, and has been busy for the last few hours trying to get the old one off. I hope he'll be successful soon, since he wants me to stay home till it's done, in case he needs help. I really want to take the kids and go do something fun.

Will be interesting to see whether it gets done, or whether we'll get a plumber anyway. Last time this happened (upstairs bath room, it was left half undone for a few weeks till I got someone to fix it ^^)

It is less hot and humid today though, so that is nice. We had spectacular thunder storms last night. I have to figure out whether there is any way to photograph lightning with my digital camera.

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Wendy said...

The way to get lighting pictures is to have a tripod and set your camera to keep the shutter open, then point it at a place in the sky. This will only work at night since keeping the shutter open during the daylight would over expose the picture to the point that it would be completely white.

Or you can just get really, really, really lucky by happening to take a picture at the same time that lightening strikes :)