Sunday, August 19, 2007

Geocaching, Llamas, and Turkeys

Yet another fun geocaching day, did I mention how much I love it?

Last night, a friend emailed me and said 'I am almost due for my 600th cache, would you like to come find it with me tomorrow?' My day today was planned pretty full already, but who could resist an invitation like that? I pondered for a few seconds and wrote back 'Yes! Let's do it!'

I never was sorry for making that decision. Being out in nature and finding some caches was just what I needed to deal with my stress. Not to mention that the little ones really enjoyed accompanying us and trading some items. Sylvia has started writing the log in every cache now too. She will take pen or pencil, write a few lines, and tell me 'Look! I wrote "Sylvia"'. Very cute, and fun how she has figured out that that is what you are supposed to do when you are geocaching.

On the way back from the last cache, we drove through the country side, when suddenly I perked up and said 'OMG!!!! I just saw a llama!!! OMG! There is a baby llama nursing!!!' We drove past, and a few hundred feet later managed to make a U-turn to check out this unfamiliar sight.

The baby llama stopped nursing when we arrived, so I didn't get any pics of that. Got some other fun pics though. After a few minutes there, we started wondering. Are those really llamas? The answer was not far away. There was a sign telling us that we had found Parris Hill Alpaca Farm. So much for seeing llamas...

Later, at home, I read more about alpacas. From The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association: Alpacas have coexisted with humankind for thousands of years. The Incan civilization of the Andes Mountains in Peru elevated the alpaca to a central place in their society. The imperial Incas clothed themselves in garments made from alpaca and many of their religious ceremonies involved the animal. Museums throughout the Americas display textiles made from alpaca fiber.

That was an unexpected bonus, who would have thought we would find alpacas in the middle of Vermont. Another bonus showed up later in the day. When we drove back from grocery shopping, we saw a bunch of wild turkeys next to the road. Of course, we didn't bring a camera, so I can't share them. But it was just cool to see them.

Now I am tired, so I'll play a game of go. Sleeping is such a waste of time.


Wendy said...

Alpaca wool is just heavenly so take your shears and yarn spinner with you next time! :)

aka_Meritt said...

Thanks to reading this post I now have the baby llama prose going through my head! ACK! It's STUCK THERE! Playing over and over again! LOL.

Every baby llama
has a mama llama
It has a papa too!
I saw a llama
and a mama llama
yesterday at the zoo!

over and over again.........

Annalise said...

LOL, you are just like Bobby - he will also do anything to avoid sleeping - he thinks it's a waste of his life. :-)

txmommy said...

that baby llama is too cute!