Saturday, August 18, 2007

Soaring High

Today, was our local airport's Airport Awareness Day. Last year, we visited and had a lot of fun, so this year, the kids definitely wanted to go back. Especially knowing that they have free flights for kids 8yo to 17yo.

My big complaint about the day was that it was cold and windy, but apart from that, it was mostly perfect. We arrived early, to minimize our waiting in line, but still did do that for a while. A clown was doing fun stuff to keep people entertained while waiting. Here she is teaching Kate how to balance a peacock feather on her hand.

There were many airplanes to be admired.

But of course, the best thing was the free airplane rides.

Tara, Jane, and Kate got very lucky and got a ride in a historical Cessna 195, built in 1948. Such an uber cool airplane. I did some web surfing on it. Its left wing had been substantially damaged in an accident in 2001, and got restored after that.

I love it that they ended up in such an interesting air plane, with history behind it. They got quite a nice ride, saw Quechee Gorge, Mt Ascutney, the Montshire Museum, and Dartmouth Hitchcock hospital. Very cool.

There were many other things to see, ambulance, fire truck, helicopters, police car. The little ones really enjoyed seeing all those from the inside.

I am glad our airport organizes those days, it's a great way to get to know more about aviation.

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susie said...

There is a program through the EAA that assists kids in learning how to fly. My fil was part of this program and I never even knew it until he died. My girls have flown since they were teeny and they've almost always loved it. I'm glad that your kids got this opportunity. It's certainly a lot of fun.