Friday, August 17, 2007

Cleaning Bliss

Sounds like an unlikely title for me, doesn't it? We all know how much I hate cleaning. I finally decided, that I was going to hire a cleaning person, instead of bitching about cleaning or just ignoring it.

Yes, a cleaning person! Someone else to clean my house! So that I can do important things like study go repotting plants, read a book take a shower, or paying bills.

A friend found her for me, and today, she showed up, with a helper. After I was done kissing them, they cleaned soooo much and soooo thoroughly. They clearly are much better at cleaning than I am, so I shouldn't even try to do it. I am glad I have satisfactorily proven that to myself now.

On a totally unrelated note. This is what leeks will look like if you plant them in the spring of 2006, and then ignore them through the summer, the fall, the winter, the spring, and yet another summer. I am sure you are all jealous of my gardening skills, aren't you?


Annelies said...

Kan ik jou dan niet inhuren als tuinman??

aka_Meritt said...

It's beautiful! I'd plant Leeks just to get the flowers!

But... then again my basil has gone to flower too. LOL.

Epijunky said...

I LOVE the way you think :) My mother got me a cleaning person for my birthday gift... They only came twice, but it was probably the best birthday gift EVER.