Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Should I Start Panicking?

Friday night, only a few days from now, my mother and my niece will arrive at my house. Now we all know that the visit of a mother can bring out the worst in us. At least, it can in me. Suddenly I realize how imperfect my house cleaning skills are. Suddenly I see all the half eaten apples and 4,521 pieces of paper on the floor. Suddenly the realization hits that this is not the way my mother's house used to look when I was young (never mind that she had a lot less kids and a regular cleaning lady for a few hours per week)

So I do what every sane person would do. I panic!

Tonight, my panicking took the shape of cleaning out the fridge. This is not a regular occurrence. Well, actually, once a year is kind of regular, right? I knew it was time when things started growling at me every time I opened the door. There were more and more hairy creatures scuffling behind the moldy pieces of cheese. And one night, I opened the fridge, and Something oozed out...

I took my sledgehammer and my katana, and attacked the fridge. After a valiant struggle, I emerged victorious. Now you can actually open the fridge, and everything in it is edible!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Does your mother know this about you and still flies many, many miles to come see you?

Let it go- she loves you nonetheless.

Enjoy her visit!