Monday, August 13, 2007


Yesterday, we went geocaching and had many DNFs (Did Not Find's). But the locations were so beautiful, that we didn't mind at all. At least, not much ^^

We visited a cool cave-like structure. The kids enjoyed exploring it. Apart from some kids who were too scared to go in ^^

More hiking, to an old tower at the top of the park, for beautiful views. Did I mention that all the hiking was uphill?

After these adventures, we got an unexpected bonus in a cache which brought us to a beautiful cemetery.

We spent quite a lot of time here, admiring the grave stones, enjoying the feelings of peace and calmness around us.

We pondered stories behind some of the graves and found this memorial bench.

And no, we never found the cache, but I didn't care at all. We found so many more important things. Togetherness as a family in the middle of human history. A time to stop and remember the ones who were here before us. Sometimes it's good to stop running around and just to be for a few hours.

We have been in this cemetery before. This was a few years, ago, Jane was a vampire.

At night, we did end up finding one cache, so that my obsessive personality wouldn't try to convince me that we didn't accomplish anything for the day. Yes, I know, I should just tell the obsessive part of my personality to shut up already.


aka_Meritt said...

You already know that we are a big 'cemetery' family here - visit them all the time to ponder the stories behind the dates, names and quotes.

I just have to say that you live in the most BEAUTIFUL part of the country don't you?

Epijunky said...

You ABSOLUTELY live in a gorgeous area... It sounds like you had a fantastic day :) My son would love to try geocaching.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it!