Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fun at the Lake

Time to visit yet another Vermont lake. Kate practices her back float.

Sylvia made sure to get a good share of the watermelon.

Some Vermonters don't have enough money to buy new cars.

Two sisters.

Some of my kids have a bit of trouble to put on their clothes correctly...

Everyone was having so much fun.

And the best thing? I got to swim out into the middle of the lake, ALL BY MYSELF! I felt the freedom of being in the water, not thinking about any of my stresses. Just being, not thinking. The way the water supported me and surrounded me. The blue skies above me. The serenity. The relaxation. The peacefullness. This reinforded into me yet again how much I love swimming. Loving it even more for it being outdoors instead of in a swimming pool.

On the way back, we saw some cool cows, with a backdrop of amazing Vermont views.

I love the horns, very impressive.

We ended the day with a visit to a cemetery. That's what all people do at the end of a nice, relaxing day, right?


li ang (lyonweiqi) said...

1st one i think it´s sylvia,kate looks more dare now,sylvia´s watermelon is high quality? kate&sylvia are spying?

is eirk doing fashion show?

the bull looks not so beautiful!

Ang from france town (next to saarbl├╝ken germany)

aka_Meritt said...

The two sisters photo is precious. I just stared and smiled.

PS: You probably already know, but my kids and I visit cemeteries all the time. We make sure to check out the local cemeteries in every new city and state we live in. LOVE them.