Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Why Did the Chicken Fly Into the Window?

Chickens are so much fun! Especially Killer Queen who is the ruler of the roost for sure. She is a pretty good flyer and likes to get on top of the coop.


Or just totally out of the run, because the grass and flowers at the other side of the fence always are greener and sweeter.


Raven and Wilhelmina are much calmer, although Raven likes to fly around in circles, worrying about who-knows-what, but it's very scary and worrisome!


Madame Chicken just likes to make nests in random places and pretend to brood, even when there is no egg. We think she is laying though, just like the Killer Queen. We get almost two eggs every day now, a big white one and a cute small pink brownish one. We have been having fun baking goodies with them, so it's easier to share the bounty.


One morning Killer Queen was very loud and Dawn talked back to her from inside the kitchen. The chicken took one look at her, spread her wide wings and took off, trying to land right into Dawn's face! We are glad there was a window in between. So she ended up on the window sill, looking kind of silly.


Anyway, chickens are great!
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