Saturday, August 03, 2013


Remember the girl with the long hair?


She decided that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love.


This morning I called them and asked whether by any chance they had an opening today. They did, so we took it and the process started. Her hair was divided in four pony tails (much easier than when Erik donated his curly hair, they needed eightteen pony tails for him)


And here are the four pony tails which are FOURTEEN inches long. Wow! Notice how dark the inside of her hair is, where they cut it. This should help to make a nice wig for a little girl.


Gone! Now it's time to cut it into the hair style she had chosen.


First they washed it, then it was time to cut.


And cut.


And cut.


Until it morphed into her new hairdo. What a difference!


Meet the new Qate!
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Elaine said...

She's lovely, and it was a beautiful thing to do. I've really enjoyed reading your blog and watching your kids grow up. And I mean that as a homeschooling mom--not some creepy wierdo!

Lisa said...

Cute! My girls did hair too. Great incentive for a new style.

Sheri said...

Beautiful haircut! I can't believe how grown up your deer baby is! <3

flyingfisher said...

love the haircut!! loks fantastic. :-)

ericosman said...

absolutely gorgeous you are ! good job. How does it feel ?

NannyOgg said...

Thanks y'all!
She still loves her new hair.
She says she feels so much lighter


Anonymous said...

Really cute