Monday, August 12, 2013

One of Our First Geocaches

We are having so much fun going through old pictures. Some day they even might get organized. For now we are printing a bunch and hanging up lots of new pictures on the walls of our house.


This was one of my favorites. This was our log

"Nice hike, but the bugs were vicious! Even WITH bug spray, they still kept attacking us, I am still scratching everywhere!

It took us a bit of time, but found the cache pretty easily. There sure were a lot of trees down though. We took d&d miniature, the mosquito trap (how appropriate! :-), duck pencil sharpener, key chain, and a Santa magnet. We also took Ted E. Bear, our very first travel bug! and traveling globe #15.

We left yet another rock with yellow insides (found by my 7yo, who is convinced that people in NH really want more rocks :-), a race car, Pokemon cards, two toy soldiers, a bookcrossing book "Blue Moon", 20-sided die, and a Norwegian coin. 

And we made our very first geocaching business card to put in this cache :-)"
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