Saturday, August 17, 2013


My wonderful daughter is almost an adult! She has grown into a very capable and talented young woman. Very fitting for the daughter who managed to get born during an unattended, unplanned water birth.


I love watching her grow and develop and how focused she is in all that she does. She is attending a dual program, half at our local high school, half allied medical services at a local career center so she has a head start on her career objective, to become a midwife.


She works part time in a toy / nature store, loves doing theater and dance, and has an extensive social life.


I feel blessed with such a superb daughter.


Happy birthday, Dawn, I love you!

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Petra said...

Gefeliciteerd, Dawn! Het is heel speciaal de kinderen volwassen te zien worden, ik kan me je trots zijn helemaal voorstellen :)