Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hole in the Wall

When our kitchen window started to look like this...

Growing sunflower seedlings in its framing...

I knew it was time to replace it. How better to start the process than by knocking out the old window?

Leaving a huge gaping hole in the wall.

The kids tried to convince me that we didn't have to put in a new window, since this hole was just perfect.

To soak up the summer sun. To be closer to the chickens. To get lots of fresh air.

I wasn't convinced and it didn't take long before a new window materialized in the hole. I will spare you the details about the scary moments we had while putting it in when it looked like it was going to topple right over and leave us with tons of broken glass and many tears. It was a close call but we averted that disaster.

Even the cat was amazed how much better this looked!

Time to get rid of the old window.

And one baby step closer to a house with new and energy efficient windows! Leading to lower heating bills. Yay!


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