Friday, August 23, 2013

More Air Plane Fun!


Another Young Eagle "Free Flights for Kids Day", this time at a tiny tiny airport.


I always thought our local airport was tiny, but it seems like a metropolis compared to this one.


Just a big field with one air strip.


We could just walk in between the air planes.


This was the first time I finally gave my camera to one of the kids instead of standing on the ground, making pictures and then realizing "I should have given my camera to the kids in the air plane!"


Kate made all the pictures from the air plane.


It gives a nice overview of how many trees we have in New Hampshire. And we even have a wind farm!


The morning rush hour...


Sylvia got to sit in the front.


This was the air plane in which the girls got to ride.


And Erik got a private flight in this air plane.


Afterwards they got crappy wooden planes and had fun 'racing' them. It didn't take long for wings to fall off or the tail or all kinds of other parts. But hey, they did have fun!


Such a great way to spend a Saturday!

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