Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Now that all the kids are in school, we have to deal with these state standardized tests, which includes the NECAP (New England Common Assessment Program). I haven't really put much faith in standardized testing but it seems to be part of the school stuff and the school of course regards it as a big deal. Anyway, they spent a number of days / weeks doing NECAP testing, including today.


Erik came home 'We did NECAPs today.'
Me 'Great! How did it go?'
Erik, very nonchalant 'Oh, very easy. It was AMERICAN math!'

I was amused that American math equals easy math in his opinion ^^ I always thought that the whole inches / feet thing was way more complicated than the metric system. Glad Erik doesn't agree.
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Lisa said...

I thought American math was where you didn't actually have to know how to get the answer, just make good guesses;-). I find those tests weird. My kids do really well and I look at them doing something incredibly stupid and wonder what in the world the other kids are like.