Friday, October 30, 2009


Almost Halloween and lotsa cupcakes floating around. I might be behind on everything else in my life, but I do get around to baking cupcakes.


Kate brought 23 cupcakes into school today to share with her classmates. She baked them mostly by herself, with minimal help from me.

The really good news is that I just figured out an old camera a friend gave me, which I can use till I either find my camera battery charger or get around to visiting my friend to charge my camera battery. This is one of the first pictures I took with the camera, pretty cool. Today is pumpkin carving day, so there definitely will be more pictures later. It is a pretty small camera, so I might use it as 'always with me' camera and life will be perfect ^^
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Jody said...

Mmmmmm homemade cupcakes are the best. I cheated and bought some today.

Hope you guys have a fun Halloween!

Marti said...

Wish my son's school will let them have homemade treats. If it ain't storebought, it gets sent home untouched.