Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hunting for the Hunter's Moon II

Day two of this moon cycle. Sunset was at 6pm, Moon set at 7pm so there was only a small window of opportunity. I kept looking around for the darned moon while my kids were playing Log Roll, but did I find it? No, I didn't!


When the kids finally returned to the car, I asked them to look for it, and did they find it? No, they didn't. We did see clouds. And more clouds. And then some clouds. Statistically once in a while the moon should have been visible, but it must not have read the statistics books.


We drove to the supermarket, checking the sky before and after our shopping. By the time we came out, it was dark, still before moon set, but the moon was hiding behind the clouds or buildings or trees, since it wasn't visible for sure. Hmmm, day two of being unsuccessful, maybe this hunter's moon is just an urban legend?


At least we did see Jupiter which was very bright, and then we went inside the house to eat pizza. Maybe we'll find the moon tomorrow!

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Wendy said...

We were moon watching for a bit and went through the same thing. I finally quit feeling dumb about it and looked it up- http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_can't_I_see_the_moon_on_a_clear_night

Well, really, I still felt dumb that I reached my mid 30's and didn't realize the moon wasn't always visible, but at least now I knew why. :)