Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Log Roll

Today Kate PASSED her hearing and vision after failing miserably in the school nurse's office last month. Phew, even although I wasn't worried, it still is nice to be able to cross it off my 'list of things to monitor / wonder about.' Afterwards we went to King Arthur Flour and treated ourselves in their excellent bakery. Who would not love chocolate croissants, French rolls, sticky buns, eclairs and chocolate mousse? Afterwards my kids decided to run off some of that sugar by running around being very silly.


I sat in the van and read my book until I realized I had my camera AND my telelens with me and could take spy pictures without anyone ever knowing. I had NO idea what game they were playing, but there was a lot of running, jumping and rolling around.


Tonight I asked Kate and she told me 'Well, it is that game which we always WANT to play on your bed, but you yell at us when we do and you lay down and people jump over you and you are a log and people jump and try not the logs and it is SO MUCH FUN!' Geez, I wonder why I don't want them to play that on my bed in the middle of the night ^^ They call it log roll. Or just logs for short.


Nice to see them running around like this and I actually got reading time and they got tired. I hope. Maybe. I refuse to believe otherwise.

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