Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunting for the Hunter's Moon

Erik's classroom is doing a lovely project which involves keeping a so called moon journal. We are going out every night observing the moon, starting at today's new moon (first day of this Hunter's Moon)


A more organized person would have looked up what time the moon was rising and setting today, but in my case I didn't even check my GPS till I came home from the laundromat (don't ask) at 7:30pm. Guess what time moon set was? Yes, 6:22pm. Oops! Day one of the Moon Journal Project and epic fail already. Losing the moon... Showing what an involved parent I am, right? I justified it to myself by saying that we can't really see the new moon anyway, so just as well it wasn't going to be in the sky at all.


I took Erik and Sylvia around the block to hunt for the hunter's moon, even knowing that there wasn't going to be one, but still collecting observations for Erik's journal. We saw the Big Dipper. We saw Cassiopeia. We smelled roasted marshmallows. We heard dogs bark, which got translated into 'We heard WOLVES!' by Erik. We saw an airplane which got transmorphed into an UFO in Erik's story. It is awesome to have a vivid imagination ^^


Tomorrow the moon will set around 7pm, an hour after the sunset at 6pm, so I will make sure we actually get outside BEFORE it sets. Or we will have to make up our own stories yet again, which is fun anyway.
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