Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mushrooms and Geocaching

A while ago, I went geocaching, came home and put down the bag with my GPS in it. Somewhere. I looked for it. Couldn't find it. Looked more for it. Couldn't find it. Walked away and came back and looked for it. Couldn't find it. Pretended I didn't really care anyway, but still looked for it, and couldn't find it. Stopped looking for it, although there were days when I secretly looked anyway. I couldn't find it.


I knew EXACTLY which bag the GPS was in. I looked in every bag which even remotely looked like that one. No GPS. I figured I must have put it down somewhere behind another object, but I still couldn't find it.


Enter a wonderful friend who clearly is a better searcher and thus a better person than I am. While I was gone on my weekend off, she FOUND MY GPS! In a totally different bag from the one I KNEW it was in. Showing that I might not be a reliable witness when I try to describe where and how I lost things.


I had not been geocaching much, which was kind of ok, since my life is Very Interesting and Slightly Overwhelming, and I thought I didn't really have time to go caching anyway. But then today I did and realized how much more I had missed it than I thought I did. I hiked through the woods and it was like slipping into an old comfortable pair of jeans. I noticed all the mushrooms and wondered how I could have done so long with so little time in the woods.


I tried to make some mushroom pictures which is not easy, especially since my 'normal' SLR lens has met an untimely demise and there is no way I can buy a new one at the moment, requiring me to use my telelens for all pictures. The pictures aren't perfect but I decided to share them anyway, if only because mushrooms are cool. Just think of all the fairies who live underneath them.
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