Friday, October 23, 2009

Hunting for the Hunter's Moon IV Going Back in Time

Day 4 of trying to find the Hunter's Moon, day 4 of being unsuccessful and only so many ways I can describe that. We had a school Open House for Kate and Jane which was much fun, but I didn't bring my camera since I still don't have the right lens AND my camera battery charger is somewhere in the house and I don't know where and for all practical purposes I am without a camera now. Which is not good, but not horrible either, I can charge my battery at my friend's house anyway, just need to do it. Or , gasp, find my OWN charger. When I clean up more of my house that is.


Maybe tonight we'll find the moon, but for now sharing pics of 2001, when Erik was a wee baby and very cute.


These were the times when people would go 'Are they all yours????' all the time. When they would ask 'Do they all have the same father?' or remark 'You must be crazy!' I would have been offended if I hadn't been so busy chasing kids and enjoying life.


I look back and see tons of family fun and closeness. Yes, parenting six kids was a lot of work, but the memories of the good times are stronger than the memories of waking up at 2am to nurse the baby yet again. Which explains why we had a seventh, I guess ^^


Back to the night sky, I remember the times when we would sleep out in our front yard, on the driveway, watching a meteor shower. Even meteors were easier to find than this darned hunter's moon. Of course, I am conveniently skipping over the meteor shower a few days ago when we had too much cloud cover to even attempt waking up at 4am to see them. Maybe tonight we'll see the moon!
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