Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today Is Tomorrow

So many times, I have told myself 'I really need to figure out a way to feed the birds so that the cats can't reach them.' So many days, I have said 'Today, I will finally get that done.', only to be hit by life and facebook. So many times I chose for the simple and optimistic solution 'I will do it tomorrow.' Repeat as needed.

Last week, Erik made this birdfeeder (with peanut butter and bird seed) at homeschool club, came home and immediately put it outside. Next morning, first thing in the morning, a chickadee was happily eating. Watch my feelings of guilt growing bigger, but somehow, I still was putting this project off till tomorrow. Every day.


Today I decided that THIS was tomorrow. Birds don't care about excuses, they just care about being fed. Cats would love to sit on the kitchen table and watch the birds visit our feeders. Oh wait, they aren't supposed to be on the table, maybe I should send them a memo about that.

I was crazy enough to start this project barefoot. I mean, getting out my boots was WAY too much work and I wasn't going to be out very long anyway. The wind chill was only 3F / -16 C, boots clearly would be overkill.

I stepped out, enjoying the feel of the cold, crisp, and icy snow under my bare feet. I looked around and found an old lawn chair, which would be perfect to help me to hang my feeder. Getting out the ladder would be even MORE work than getting out my boots. That lawn chair would do just fine. It did. Kind of. Let's just say that I sometimes possess more optimism than common sense.


I hung one bird feeder, and came back inside with a feeling of accomplishment. And freezing feet. I spent a minute defrosing my feet on the heater before I went to the basement and got fillers for the other feeder I wanted to install.

I got the filler cakes, went out again, stepped on the lawn chair (after making sure that THIS time I would not topple while I was on it) and discovered that being out of reach for the cats and being out of reach for me seem to be correlated. Who would have thought??!! Shucks. I reached more, got closer and closer, but just not close enough. Now what?

My feet were darned cold by now. I was tempted to do the rest tomorrow. But somehow I didn't think that was the right thing to do.

I took a deep breath, went inside, spent some more time on the heater and resigned myself to the fact that boots and ladder were going to be required. I hate it when I have to admit to myself that I was wrong. I should be right at all times, darn it!


Naturally, boots and ladder greatly improved my efficiency, and it didn't take long till my goal was accomplished. I am sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere if only I could find it.

The birds will be happy when they discover the feeders. The cats are happy and ready to watch the birds. Well, kinda.


And I am happy because I FINALLY did the darned birdfeeders, and the birds better appreciate them!

Buoyed by my successful endeavor, I decided to fill the dishwasher so the mixer can be used to make donuts. I think today is a donut day.

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Meritt said...

I can only laugh as you know from my blog that I'm barefoot all the time - including running outside to check the mail, etc. - bare feet and even in -10 degree wind chills.

*** IF *** my daughters boots or shoes are at the door I will slip them on but I'm too lazy to open the closet door to get any out!