Sunday, January 11, 2009

Guess Who Lost His Living Room Privileges for the Day?

Lesson of the day: when puppies are quiet you have to check just as much as when the kids are quiet.


And don't leave puppies alone in the computer room for more than a few seconds either. I wonder whether this is what they mean when they say we have to train them to have good house manners.


Anyway, did I mention the snow?


At least we got great exercise and Giant got to see a snow plough loudly at work.


Happy Sunday to y'all!


Hermes said...

He heard someone mention mice (lol)

Wendy said...

I like the way you stopped to take pictures first!

veganbaby said...

Ahhh the destructive puppy days. Not something I miss.

Meritt said...

Oh the memories that came flooding back!!!!!!

Repeating to myself; You do not want another dog. You do not want another dog.

Angella said...

Oh noes!

Rebecca said...


Jolanda said...

Oeps! Maar het is zo'n schatje, je kan vast niet lang boos op hem zijn.
Stuur hier eens wat sneeuw heen!! Rick vraagt steeds of ik nog wel naar NH wil met al die sneeuw.