Friday, January 16, 2009


You have no idea how many times I have made fun of Americans eating their breakfast at McDonalds. I mean, how can ANYONE EVER want to eat there before lunch? Heck, how can anyone want to eat there at all?

This morning, at 7am, I found myself at McDonalds. With -24 F on the thermometer. Not being happy about getting up so early. Not to mention that I found out that my current rental (don't ask, yes, van trouble again) turned out to be equipped with The Worst and Most Useless Icescraper EVER (tm). Which was very aptly named.

I had promised Tim a McDonalds breakfast before his exams today, so I didn't have much choice. I decided to improve my quality of life by adding hot chocolate to my breakfast order ('No, please hold off on the dead animals, well, thank you')

'Sorry, our hot chocolate machine is broken'
'Oh. Well, in that case, I'll have a mocha.'
'That is the same machine.'
Me, mentally going over the next seven choices, all involving The Darned Machine, but still refusing to consider McDonalds tea, studying the menu again.
'I can just give you a plain coffee.'
Ah, finally something which did not involve The Darned Machine.
'Would you like cream and sugar?'
'No, I just want coffee already, and no stuff in it, and see if I care about your Darned Machine!'

Surprisingly, we had a lovely breakfast, just sitting and chatting with my two oldest boys. Pretending to make fun of their friend, working at McDonalds, while we sat on our butts. Solving all the world's problems.

McDonalds for the win!

Well, maybe. Although I think they should start using REAL maple syrup.


Kathy said...

I like McD's
Is Tim attending school? You mentioned exams.

Kim said...

Will you PLEASE tell those boys to stop growing up! They are making me feel old!!!! You've got a couple handsome young men there.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha