Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas in Too Many Pictures

We had a Really Good Christmas. We kept it low cost, but high fun.

I took the kids to local thrift stores to buy presents for all their siblings. Erik found an Xbox game for Tim.

Jane got a smiley for on the computer. It is Very Cute, but it puzzles me every time I look at it. Never had expected to meet a smiley in person!

Kate is opening her two bouncy balls, which were featured prominently on her Christmas wish list. I like it when wishes are so easily granted!

Erik had a bit of a challenge opening his present without bouncing off the ceiling.

Erik found The Most Cool Dollhouse Ever for Sylvia. It has a foldable house, RV, three bicycles, many dolls and so much furniture. It was an amazing buy, especially given the fact that it was $5 altogether, including everything. Kate had seen him buy it, and her Christmas list featured 'The doll house Erik got for Sylvia'.

Dawn got books, a slinky, and MONEY! She is saving up so she can buy Her Very Own Laptop.

Jane found a cool barbie cruise ship for Kate, Erik, and Sylvia. All of them got new barbies too (including boy barbies) so it was perfect.

Cees got one or two books. Or maybe a few more. Yes, all those are his.

The cats joined in by coincidentally being in the living room. It had nothing to do with the fact that all kinds of fun was going on. Nothing at all. Notice the cat behind Sylvia, half hidden under wrapping paper.

Jane enjoying one of her new books.

NO idea what Cees is doing. Trying to prevent me from making a picture of the Christmas tree? Running away before his stack of books falls over? Needing to pee very badly? Has to catch the last bus? Well, whatever it is, he looks happy about it.


t in hd said...

Karen, I hope you don't mind my asking this..... Who is Dawn? I've "known" you here on the net since the days of the DA list and started reading your blogs when you were blogging your pregnancy with Erik (I was pregnant along with you with my son then, which made it twice as much fun ;-) ). It was also nice to know another fellow carseat safety fanatic, LOL. Anyway, I digress... I've never heard of Dawn but now she pops up very frequently in your posts, like another one of the kids. A neighbour? Exchange student? Relative? Did you add another family member when I wasn't paying attention? ;-)

Wishing you a very happy New Year!

Jody said...

LOL t in hd! I was going to ask the same thing.

Is Tara Dawn or vice verse? Lost is not just a show on TV.

rachel said...

People who ask for and receive a ton of books are Very Special People indeed.

I'm so glad to see them all so happy and with such thoughtful and creative gifts!

I know the answer about Dawn! do I get a prize? ;)