Thursday, January 01, 2009


I made those cool peppermint meltaways. Never tried them before, I liked the way they turned out. Dawn helped me by crushing candy canes, I was a bit jealous that she got to do that violent and fun job.

We also made a gluten free chocolate cake. I have to admit that I cheated and used a mix. We made it twice. Once on Sunday, to test. And once on Monday to prepare for our visit to A Gaggle of Girls.

It turned out quite well. Most of my kids did not know it was gluten free and ate it just fine without whining about it being different. And that is quite a high compliment!

On Tuesday, we visited the GoG and had a great time. They gave us candy in exchange for our chocolate cake. Good trade ^^

And yes, Keppy, I got to go to Trader's Joe. For the Very First Time Ever! I got chocolate. Oh, and other things I guess. More about that when I post about our visit to GoG.

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rachel said...

We loved having you here, and not just because you brought cake, either!

we love having you visit!