Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We have a roaring fire.


And blueberry scones.


I discovered that I didn't have a phone number I needed, so I hiked uphill, both ways, through a HORRIBLE snow storm, barefoot, dah dah dah, and discovered they weren't HOME! Tsk! How inconsiderate!


I had a bath, and it was Almost Uninterrupted.


Now I am ignoring life and posting pictures of 2000, in which there is No Snow! Not that I am bitter about the storm at all. No, I am not.
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Mongoose said...

LOL I'm not sure which of your daughters that is but I'm sure she's grateful to you for posting that underpants picture. ;)

And I hadn't noticed until now that your subtitle changed... I had no idea you were a single mom! I'm in awe!

Meritt said...

2000... seems like yesterday.