Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Fellow Citizens

Wow. His first few words and I am included! Can you tell I am still excited about having naturalized and voted for this president? Today was a typical 'running around like crazy' day, but around 11:30am, I dropped everything and hightailed it to my friend flyingfisher to watch the inauguration on her big ass screen tv.

I had three littles with me who watched him being sworn into office, and then reverted to their clamoring 'Can we watch cartoon network now????' 'How about now?' 'Now?' We sent them upstairs where she has another tv ^^

Meanwhile, my sister was eating her bento lunch and watching.

Wow! She ROCKS!

Tonight, during dinner, Erik mentioned 'I want to be president when I grow up. This led to a discussion about who in our family could become president. I told Jane that maybe she could be the first female president. Sylvia thought for a moment, and mentioned 'Cool, then I can be the second female president!' Dawn, competitive as always nudged Sylvia 'Hey! If you grow up faster than Jane, maybe YOU can be the first female president! QUICK! Start growing up!' Sylvia replied 'I am EATING!'

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