Friday, December 21, 2007

My Girls Rock!

Earlier this year, Tara and Jane moved out of their room and into a different room. This frees up their old room for the three little ones. Apart from the fact that it desperately needed sprucing up first. Which I solved by closing the door and ignoring it, hoping it would go away. It didn't ^^

Luckily I have a good friend who visited with a few cans of paints, and started painting the room. Tara and Jane were so interested in that, that they jumped in and joined the painting crew.

They are doing a great job, this is going to be an awesome room.


Angie said...

I enjoy so much reading about your family and the fun things you do together.

harri saptadi said...

both r right-handed.

NannyOgg said...

Thank you, Angie. I did a quick look at your blog today, i loved what I saw, will be back when I have more than 5 mins of spare time.

Today was one of those crazy days.

Yup Harri, Cees is our only leftie.