Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Contact Lenses and Immature Teens

Yet another milestone.

Tim had his very first ever appointment to get contact lenses. He found out that it is not necessarily easy to stick something on your eye ball, which I remember from when I got contact lenses. We will go back in a few weeks to try again, because this did not quite work out. They will give him different lenses to try.

In the meantime, he is supposed to practice keeping his eye open and touching it.

To celebrate this milestone, I took Cees and Tim out for supper in our local Irish pub. It always is a good place to be, and they have excellent food. Their chocolate strawberry torte was to die for. Their tea still has room for improvement though, but what can you expect from the Irish anyway tea-wise?

Cees and Tim were very grownup and mature, and did a contest to see who could put more sugar in their coke and NOT throw up over the table. When we ran out of the little packets of sugar, Cees was not ready to admit defeat, and added two Splenda, six Equal, and four Sweet-n-Low. He was a bit disappointed when we ran out.


A bath room visit gave him the perfect excuse to steal sugar from other people's tables. Or maybe he found it in the bath room. I was careful not to ask. I don't think I wanted to know. In my universe, he crawled underneath tables and reached up a sneaky hand to get a bunch of packages without people noticing. That's what all 16yo's do , right?

In case you were counting, he ended up with 19 packets of sweetener in his coke, turning it into disgusting liquid sugar. In his opinion, it was a nectar from the gods. In my opinion, it was syrupy chemicals.

It is nice to take teenagers out for supper and get more mature behaviour than when I take the little ones out. Or do I?

2018 update: Tim never was able to tolerate the contact lenses, so ended up wearing glasses after all. I am glad we tried it though, he would always have wondered whether he could have. I think now that he is in his twenties he might be able to tolerate contacts easier, but he has zero interest in them, which makes it a moot point anyway.
Cees ended up enlisting in the army for four years so he could go to college, so there is hope for you parents of immature teens. This will pass :D


Epijunky said...

I was 13 when I got my first pair of contact lenses. My mom actually had to leave the office while it took me over an hour to get them in.

I remember it like it was yesterday. She told me later on that day that she left because she was convinced I wouldn't be able to put the lens in and she was afraid that her anxiety over the situation wouldn't help me.

The first time is the worst, after that it's cake. Good luck to the kiddo :)

Wendy said...

Admit it- you were part of the sugar contest :)

You could always spin it and turn it into a homeschool lesson of some sort...

Kathy said...

Ewww, did they really drink the coke????

My dh is 42 and can't do contact lenses because the thought of touching his eye freaks him out. Kudos to Tim for trying and hopefully next time he'll master the technique.

Jody said...


Well, least they didn't throw up....I'm just sayin'.

Annelies said...

The joy of teenagers......

NannyOgg said...

epi, glad to hear he is not the only one who takes so long.

wendy, they actually made me TASTE it!

and yes, they really did drink it, AND didn't throw up.

Karen, who remembers how hard it was in the beginning for her contact lenses.

Anonymous said...

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