Friday, December 28, 2007


Today, I was working at my computer, and heard this blood-curdling Erik scream from the living room. In my mind I saw him cutting off his hands, or break his leg, or something else worrisome.

That is, until I heard Tara 'Erik! Shut up!' and the reply 'We are just seeing how loud we can get!'

Turns out they were playing with the olpc laptop and watching what their voice looked like on a graph the laptop showed them.

That is good, I did not particularly WANT to go to the emergency room today :p


Epijunky said...

Thank GOODNESS it was just screaming to hear ones own voice as opposed to screaming because the little one got a hold of a butcher's knife.

I can't tell you the number of times I've darted into a room just to see my daughter (or son) yelling just to yell.

Glad everyone's okay :)

NannyOgg said...

No kidding.

Maybe some day they will learn not to cry wolf. On the other hand, maybe they won't ^^