Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pen Vortex

Yes, I am still working on my naturalization.

Yesterday, I got passport pictures made. Late at night, after one of those very full days, and driving home through a snow storm, I decided 'OK, let me start filling out the form.' Well, I sat down after spending thirty minutes walking through my house, looking EVERYWHERE, saying to myself. 'How come that every pen always immediately disappears after it enters our house?' The only explanation seems to be a local pen vortex. It sucks tape too, amazing how tape and pens keep disappearing. Socks too, for that matter.

I FINALLY found a pen, grabbed my forms, realized I could change my name if I want and hovered the pen over the forms. Till I see a dire warning "black ink only" I looked at my pen. What colour do you think it is? If you guess anything but black, you win!

By now it was long past midnight, so I decided to leave this till tomorrow and buy black pens and store them in my safe. Far away from the pen vortex. I hope. That is, till the kids discover them.

Current status: made pics, made copy of green card, printed forms, and own black ink OUTSIDE of the vortex. Now I just need to sit down and fill in the form. But HOW am I going to prove that I am of good moral character??? And should I change my name and what should I change it into? So many possibilities.

But at least, I am making progress!


Lisa said...

I'll let you in on a secret. That vortex ends under my 4yo's bed, where all my pens, tape, scissors and ribbon are deposited. It's a fact. Weird gravitational pull or something ;-)

Wendy said...

I think they are all making their way to my house. We are overrun with pens!

NannyOgg said...
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NannyOgg said...

ah Lisa! Now that explains a LOT. I would ask you to send me some, but I somehow suspect that there might be OTHER things under the bed apart from what I need. And I do not particularly want half eaten apple cores from five months ago.

Hmmm, wendy, I knew something fishy was going on. Your house is close enough that it doesn't even take me much imagination to watch the flow and see them all be pulled to your and lisa's house.

Meanwhile, I got a package of black pens and HID it, but still haven't filled out the darned form.