Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fifty Laps!

About a month ago, we decided that maybe we should join our local health club again. I looked into fees and programs and seemed that it would be pretty affordable for me and the kids. We were hoping maybe they would have a great December deal, but somehow they never offered one. So last night, I piled all the kids in the van, and drove up to the health club.

Hmmmm, that parking lot looks kind of empty.
Hmmmm, that building looks kinds of dark.
Hmmmm, this time of the day there really should be PEOPLE here.

All the kids got out, and a car drove by 'Hi! I am afraid that we are closed.'
Me 'Oh, too bad.'
'A town water main broke, and we don't have any water. Sorry about that.'

Oh well. I guess that's one of those things we can't argue with. So much for finally joining. My head light was still out too, which I had forgotten about till I drove out of the driveway in the dark. On Saturday, Tara and I had gotten a new bulb and said 'How hard can it be to change a head light?' I can report that Cees, Tara, and I now know exactly how hard it can be to change one on our van!

Today we tried again, and finally were able to join. Turns out that I can add all seven kids for a total of $29 for the YEAR. Not a bad deal at all!

Tonight, I got to get out to swim for the first time. I decided I should try to go for my ordinary 50 laps, never mind it is at least three years ago that I actually did swim that much. Happy to tell y'all that I still can do fifty laps quite easily. My biggest problem was the stupid goggles which I never got to work the way I wanted to. They were either hurting or leaking. It took me 38 minutes to swim the 50 laps, which is not a particularly good time, but I can work on improving that. For now I was happy to swim them at all.

After my laps, I spent a few minutes in the whirl pool to relax and then entered the sauna. There were two women talking in some weird Scandinavian language, maybe Danish. It was enjoyable to listen to them and try to make sense of them, while relaxing and soaking up the heat.

Tomorrow, I'll take the five youngest swimming. The older boys are more interested in cardiovascular workout and weights and will start later in the week.

I am happy we finally joined again. Now I just need to find the discipline to get myself back into shape.

Oh, and before we joined today, I got my head light fixed. One less thing to worry about!

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