Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Cooking Fun

A few days ago, we had a craving for steamed rolls. We cut up some leeks, made bread dough, and went for it!

We mixed the leeks into the bread, to make it fast and simple.

A few hours later, we had freshly steamed rolls. There is something very satisfying about steamed buns, it is different texture than normal, oven baked bread. I like it.

Three guesses as to whether any of the boys touched those rolls.


Annelies said...

Er zaten toch groenten in? Dan heb ik aan 1 beurt wel genoeg... ;-)

NannyOgg said...

inderdaad, annelies!

het gaf niet, betekent dat er meer voor ons waren :)


harri saptadi said...

buns/ bakpauw...