Monday, December 24, 2007

293 Calories

This week, I have been really enjoying my health club membership. Last Tuesday, I started by swimming fifty laps. On Friday, Cees and I got an introduction to their cardiovascular room, and the Nautilus room. We both discovered that we still have a long way to go on our quest for fitness. I spent 20 minutes on the elliptical (for the first time ever!) and burned 200 calories according to its computer. I think I will count in Joules instead. They are metric AND it sounds better to tell people that I burned 838 Joules. Even if they wouldn't recognize a Joule if it bit them in the behind.

After the elliptical, I got an introduction to the nautilus room. The nautilus room is a room full of equipment to 'give your body a full workout' which translates to 'where you can find muscles you have never used before and aren't that interested in using anyway, since you suck at their application.' It has a circuit set up, and the intro showed me how to adjust the machines and how much weight / repetitions. Let me give you a tip. When the trainer asks 'how is your arm strength?' say 'Low!' so they don't put you up with a weight that you can't even move. Even the low ones were embarrassingly hard.

On other days, I did more swimming with the kids, or by myself. Today, Cees and I did another workout, so my muscles are complaining again! Once, I accidentally set the machine to 60 lbs instead of 40 lbs, which shows the general level of my intelligence.

Anyway today, I burned 93 calories on the stationary bike, which got me a bit over four miles. Seems way too low for such a far distance to bike. I did something called a 'random hill program'. It was interesting. Not sure whether my legs liked it.

This will be good workout for the winter. I think I still prefer hiking for the summer though.

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