Monday, January 08, 2007

Urban Micros...

When we started geocaching, a few years ago, local caches were still rare and far in between. Almost all of them were the traditional 'big ammo box hidden in the woods' type of cache. We did not have any local so called micro caches. Small containers, with just a log book, nothing else. Often hard to find.

The first places where we met those micros were in Burlington, VT and in Concord , NH. Both are pretty good drive from here. I remember spending quite some time finding a micro hidden under a park bench. And there was a totally evil one in Burlington, inside a tiny magnet.

Last winter, we decided it would be fun to hide our own local micros, so there finally are some around here.

Tonight, I decided to go find a local micro, since I had to be around there for aikido anyway. I had seen logs saying things like 'clever hide' and some DNFs (Didn't Finds) but I knew that wouldn't happen to me. I am a seasoned cacher after all. I would walk up to the location and find it within minutes.


I walked up there, filled with confidence. I found the location easily and knew it shouldn't take me long to find the cache. So I looked, and I felt, and I explored. I laid myself down in the mud under the possible location to check for it on the bottom. I found way too many cigarette ends in all kinds of crannies and nooks. I got wetter and wetter and more and more annoyed at myself.

Decided that getting myself some dinner was a better idea ^^

Came back after dinner, checked a bit more. Maybe I'd better try it some other day. Preferably when it's day light and not raining ^^ Maybe I even should bring a kid, they seem to be better at finding caches than I am :)

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Anonymous said...

I know I mentioned this already last July... but I don't geo cache but I accidently found one while relaxing with my husband on a bench, on our Anniversary. It was near a little bridge over a creek and I found a small peanut butter jar and knew instantly what it was.

I explained it to my husband, who had never heard of geo caching. We signed the log book and put it back for the next person to find. :)