Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas is over!

The kids just cleaned up the the Christmas tree. I guess we have gotten more organized. I remember some years, long ago, when it would be late January before we finally got all the Christmas stuff cleaned up.

Christmas is over, time for winter. We haven't seen ANY snow since that last storm.


Brooke said...

Black hair? I'm ever so confused!

O_Scientist said...

hehe, Tara dyed her hair ^^

There will be a post following, we had to wait till she saw her friend in person, so that her friend would be suprised :)

Thanks for noticing :)


Anonymous said...

I kept coming back and noticing the hair... (HOW COULD YOU NOT NOTICE?). I kept thinking "it must be a wig left over from Halloween....

Wow. Was it wash out?

O_Scientist said...

LOL, nope, it's permanent. She desperately wanted it and I didn't feel it was worth fighting about. I did a double take for quite a few days though, every time I saw her ^^


merittandrews said...

Because I started to color my hair at age 13 - I have to ask; how are you going to handle the growing out?

If you want to take the color out you're going to have to get a bleach kit and completely bleach all the color from it and then starting with a naked base you'll have to put color back in - something similar to her natural hair color. It's a pain! LOL.

I wish she would have mentioned she was doing this... I could have given her some advice. ;)

(I've done black twice....)